Ocean Commotion 6/20 - 6/23 (entering 4th-6th)

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June 20 - June 23

9:00AM - 3:00PM

Instructors: Dr. Elizabeth Lewis, Nicole Engstrom, and Sarah Pulliam

Entering Grades: 4th - 6th

Dive into marine studies and immerse yourself in exciting underwater investigations! To learn about external and internal structures for survival, we will dissect a variety of preserved sea creatures including shark, squid and octopus. We will also conduct a variety of experiments related to wave motion, buoyancy and density and participate in water quality testing as we detect and measure pH, turbidity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, nitrates and bacteria. We will inspect plankton and fish scales under microscopes, create our own fish prints, and take one or more augmented and virtual reality expeditions under the sea!

Limit: 36 students