Squires Fan Gear

The store is open ALL year long!   Items will be shipped directly to your HOME! No distribution through school- they will not be available at Orientation to pick up.


Customization Options- All the items are completely customizable to your sport. You can take any item and add the sport of your choosing to it. You will first click on the link that says make it yours. Then you chose which design you want and then select sport from the drop down titled SPORTS. Once you select the sport then all the styles of clothing appear- so many to choose from- there is something for everyone. In many cases you can also select color options. Remember only NAVY color sweatshirts are uniform approved. Adding the sport is a great way for siblings, parents, grandparents and anyone who wants to support a specific sport on game day. There are ALOT of options for adults, children etc. It may seem like a lot to navigate at first- but once you do you will see we can offer WAY more than we ever have before.


Squires will receive a percentage of the sales of all items sold. The money that we raise as a Squires organization benefits every single varsity sport. Whether you’re buying an item for football, softball, baseball etc., the money we raise goes to coaches' requests for new items, otherwise known at the Coaches' Wish List. Such a great way to support our players, coaches and our school. GO KNIGHTS!

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