6/17 - 6/20 Food Explorers (entering K - 6th)

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June 17 - June 20 (Monday - Thursday)

9:00AM - 12:00PM

Instructor: Kelli Renfro with Access to Better Communication

Entering Grades: K - 6th

We love to gather with family and friends over food! However, sometimes tasting new foods can be scary.  Or uncomfortable.  Some kids are “picky eaters” or often say, “I don’t eat that.”  This camp, led by a trained speech-language pathologist from Access to Better Communication, will guide campers through fun, positive activities to explore new foods and textures.  We’ll explore a variety of foods that families encounter when eating at home and in restaurants to help children expand their menu preferences and enjoy trying.

Each day will have a special theme that will include positive experiences interacting with food through engaging books, games, crafts, food science, and other activities. This is a great camp for children who may demonstrate avoidance of foods and/or restrictive or selective food preferences.  Gathering together to eat with family and friends is part of our culture and one that we want your kids to enjoy!